The importance of resuming the NBA season for LeBron James

Resuming the NBA season is very important for everybody, from sponsors to coaches, players, fans and so on. There is a lot of money involved but as well the emotion of watching games, even if they will be played behind closed doors. The whole planet would love to watch on TV the rest of the season and then the playoff. But the most interested in continuing the season are the teams that are hoping for something. And here in the first row are the Los Angeles Lakers who have a historical chance to seal another title with an amazing roster headlined by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

King James has a special interest in it because it’s one of his best and the last chances to add one more title which is so important for many people in the GOAT debate between him and Michael Jordan. But not only the champion ring is what LeBron is searching. He is even without that ring top 3 All-time scorers at only 4300 points from Kareem Abdul-Jabar, who is the best with 38387. Lebron will be 36 years old in December this year and with age comes a lot of problems. Between them the most important are: 1. more injuries because the body is exhausted and 2. the decrease of the numbers you average per game (points, rebounds, assists, steals).

From this point of view, every game and every remaining season is a race against the clock for LeBron. He passed Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on the all-time scoring list and the next one to be hunted down is Karl Malone, still ahead with almost 2900 points. Cancelling the season would be a tragedy for Bron because he will lose TIME and time never came back.

Last but not least, LeBron is the no.1 all-time in scoring in NBA playoffs with 1000 more points than Michael Jordan. Last season he missed the opportunity to reach the playoffs with the Lakers, but this year they are there and it could be a long playoff. This means that he can add even more point making the gap between him and Jordan even bigger. Who then will think that the GOAT is another guy than LeBron if he will have, let’s say, at the end oh his career, 3000 more points than Jordan in playoffs and being in the same time the all-time scoring leader of the regular season? He can do it, but not during cancelled seasons!

Photo: USA Today

Gratian Cormos