The importance of the 3rd quarter in betting

As I wrote in my book How to bet on basketball: “the third quarter is the most important moment of the game. I am always saying that ‘the real basketball game is starting only after the halftime.’ Then, in the third quarter of the encounter, the teams are taking seriously the battle because there is no more time left to fool around.
Many times, you will see great teams scoring only 26 points until de halftime and then, in the third quarter, they are exploding, putting a high 33 points to seal the victory. That’s why it’s worthy to bet on great teams that they will win the third quarter especially if the weak team is leading the game at the half time. After the break, you will see two different teams compared with the beginning of the game”.

Yesterday we had the best proof of it in Euroleague when Olympiacos Piraeus turn around the game in the 3rd stanza. The Greek team is a specialist in doing this for a decade because they are playing smart and push the engine at the right time, not wasting their strength in the first part of the game.

Alba Berlin started very powerfully, using a lot of energy and they looked unstoppable. They had 35-22 and then at the halftime 35-24. So, Olympiacos scored only 24 points in the first 2 quarters, but then they illustrated exactly my theory irrupting for 27 points in the 3rd quarter while keeping Alba at only 9 points scored.

What you can do when you see a similar game at the halftime? To bet that the host strong team will arrive first to 10, 15 and 20 points in the 3rd quarter and they will win it, sometimes including a decent handicap.

Image: EuroLeague

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