The importance of watching live the entire game for future bets

Watching hundreds of basketball games per year can be boring. I mean watching them live without losing a moment. But this activity can be very rewarding for the bettors. First of all, you can see many details like the body language of the players, coaches, referees, how the offense and defense of each squad are working, the chemistry between the players, the injuries etc.

I remember games where in the first minutes 2 important players got injured and that team had only a very short rotation to finish the encounter. A big favourite at the beginning of the game lost because of this other day and so on.

But today I want to speak about another huge thing for the bettors: the importance of the injuries at live for the next games. I will give you a recent example: in the last encounter, I saw Frantz Massenat got injured and Pesaro keeping him on the bench for the rest of the game. He only played 6 games. What did I do? Found quickly the next game of Pesaro and bet against them. Fortunately, it was a huge odd – 2.90 on Trieste. Without a doubt, the odd was simply too high even if Massenat would have played, but in his absence – a surreal odd.

Trieste has now all their players available and their rotation is very large: at least 10 guys can come and help the team. The odd o them dropped a lot and will drop even more.

The same thing happened during the game Fenerbahce – Olympiacos. Kostas Papanikolau hurt his back, I saw him very affected and he is a strong guy, he doesn’t make any show. Quickly I bet on the next opponents of Olympiacos in the Euroleague next rounds waiting for the odds to drop.

Both Massenat and Papanikolau are key players for their teams and their absence will have an important impact.

Image: EuroLeague 

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