The Italian Basketball Federation and the fascist mentality. James Nunnally case

First of all, we all have mass-media and social media to criticize, to express ourselves against the authority. Any type of authority. If I am James Nunnally or I am a normal citizen of Italy I have the constitutional right to express my criticism about the referees, the mayor, the parliament and even about the Italian Federation. 

It’s Nunnally’s own Twitter (where back in 2016, he criticized the Italian Basketball Federation). How can you harass a player for his thoughts? He doesn’t have the freedom of thinking? No freedom of expression? No freedom to have a different opinion than other people? And you call this democracy? Do you call this European modern style of living? I call this dictatorship, Stalinism or fascism. Bureaucrats making strong censorship on people’s opinions. 

On the 2nd place, Nunnally was sanctioned by the fascists’ bureaucrats in 2016!!! Then he moved from Italy to Fenerbahce. Nobody noticed him or his next team that the sanction of 1 game suspension will apply forever! I mean we are in 2019! Three years later, Italian bureaucrats! And you give 20-0 against Olimpia Milano without previously notifying them that you will apply the sanction against Nunnally if he will play? You don’t say anything before the game vs. Pistoia, in order to be able after to punish Milano and Nunnally? This is unheard! It’s a shame that people like you can lead a basketball federation in a European country. Not in Somalia, not in Syria, not in Libya, but in Italy! 

For more details about James Nunnally suspension by the Italian Federation in 2016 read also:


Gratian Cormos,


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