The lack of money will prevent clubs spending in a stupid way

The economic crisis is at the gate and it will influence in a way or other all the basketball clubs. But there is a bright side of the coin. Because of this, there won’t be stupid spendings any more. The lack of money will make the basketball organizations to cut some expenses and they will start with all those useless ones. When there was a lot of money, clubs were spending a lot on stupid things. Because clubs are like the persons, the more money they have, the more things they want to buy and many times pointless.

The shortage of money will have these good effects on basketball clubs:

  • the organization will not buy any player sold by the agent at an exorbitant amount of money as they did before. Many times, because there was a lot of money, the salary of the players and the commissions of the agents were obscene. In some of the teams, they brought in players on huge money, which did nothing special on the court.
  • the teams will cut the unnecessary players and staff, relying mostly on homegrown players which is by far the best solution for a sustainable basketball in Europe.
  • as well some other luxury expenses are expected to be cut by the organizations (parties and after-party reunions, pointless purchases that were wasting a lot of cash without reason and so on). Now the sponsors will be more careful with the money spent and they will ask for more financial discipline from the clubs.

So, we all can learn and grow after this experience having a better knowledge of using the money in order to produce good results. Because this is all about: a thin line called balance between the money spent in an intelligent way and the wasting of it.

Photo: StockSnap from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos