The local players of Falco scored more points than all the foreigners of Oradea

In a low scoring game based mostly on a defensive effort, the host team Falco-Vulcano Szombathely (HUN) kept the visitors from CSM Oradea (ROM) at only 23 points at halftime, in the first leg of the BasketballCL pre-qualifiers. The biggest margin between these 2 teams was reduced in the end at only 9 points (71-62), due to a better game made by the Romanian squad in the 4th quarter.

Take a look here at some of the most interesting aspects of this encounter:

  • CSM Oradea has 6 foreigner players, plus the naturalized American Giordan Watson, while Falco has only 4 Americans, so everybody expected a better presence of Oradea on the court
  • The local players of Falco scored 51 points, more than all the foreigners of CSM Oradea who had together only 47 points. The Romanian players of Oradea scored only 15 points in this game, thanks to the contribution of the already mentioned American naturalized Giordan Watson who made 11 points. So actually the local players, born in Romania scored 4 points (Nicolescu – 2, Baciu – 2) and the Hungarian players of Falco – 51 points (Benedek – 6, Szilard – 18, Perl – 8, Filipovity – 17, Krivacevic – 2)!
  • the shooting percentage of the visitors was very poor, Oradea finishing the game with only 2 shots made from 17 from the arc for 11.8%

The second leg of the battle will take place on 20 September in Oradea, where the Romanian team still have a good chance to qualify, if they will be able to improve their numbers, especially from the 3 point line. I think they will because no team can score under 12% from the arc in 2 games a row.


Gratian Cormos