“The moment of desperate teams”: Trento beat Lyon

“The moment of desperate teams”: Trento beat LyonIn Eurocup, like in all the other competition, it appears each year, what I’ve called “the moment of desperate teams”. It’s not a joke and nothing pejorative for this teams. In fact, is actually something brave, it’s about squads pushing their limits against all odds.

One of the best examples is the heroical win of Dolomiti Energia Trento against Asvel Lyon. The visitors have won against all the strong teams from the group starting with Valencia, Zenit Sank-Petersburg, Turk Telekom, Partizan and now they are at the top of the group C.

But Trento was so desperate to remain in the qualifying battle that they fight for every ball, for every possession. And the bad luck came in the last 2 minutes of the game: their most important power forward, Dustin Hogue got injured and everything seems over. But their courage was extremely high, they kept their heads up and they came back eventually winning the game with 79-77!

This victory came after another derby won by Trento during the weekend in Legabasket against the other Eurocup team from Italy, Germani Brescia. In both competitions, Trento was down (due too many injuries since the beginning of the season), but they overcame themselves because there was no other choice!

And this is a lesson for you all: never BET against desperate teams! They will almost all the time surprise you!

Graţian Cormoş, info@brainbasketball.net

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