The most efficient players in Basketball Champions League ready for quarterfinals

Who are the best players still competing for the Basketball Champions League trophy? Based only on index rate stats these are the most efficient players remaining ready for the quarterfinals battle:

5. Ismael Bako will try to lead Antwerp Giants for their first presence in the BCL Final 4. He averages 16.0 efficiency value playing all 16 games in the European competition.

4. Another player can take his team for the first time to the Final 4. It’s about experienced center Vladimir Dragicevic who has 16.6 index rate per game for Nizhny Novgorod.

3. Augustine Rubit is leading the ex-Euroleague powerhouse Brose Bamberg with amazing stats, averaging 17.7 index rate.

2. Nobody would have thought at the beginning of the season that TaShawn Thomas will be the most efficient player of the most efficient team from Basketball Champions League, Hapoel Jerusalem. He has 18.5 index rate per game.

1. By far the best player in BCL who appeared by now in all the 16 games of the season is the one and only, Vince Hunter. The power forward of AEK Athens is a beast on both sides of the court, averaging 23.4 efficiency value. Can he take again his team to the Final 4?

Gratian Cormos,

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