The most efficient players in the Euroleague’s history

There were many players who had impressive stats or career in the Euroleague through the decades. Some of them played only for a couple of seasons and even if they made some records won’t be part of our top 10. We included here only players who had at least 200 games in the main competition in Europe.

Players like Nando de Colo, Dunston Bryant and Nikola Vujcic, all three with 192 games are at the border of our ranking, while other players with big index rate are also close but without enough games in the Euroleague like Marcus Brown (179 games), Luis Scola (172), Jorge Garbajosa (151), Gustavo Ayon (167). This is the top 10 based on Euroleague’s stats:

10. David Andersen, the Australian big guy had 11.49 index rate in 224 games played in the Euroleague.

9. Thomas Huertel – the FC Barcelona’s guard is ready after the injury recovering and very soon he could be on the court when the Coronavirus will end. He played till now 214 games with 11.74 index rate.

8. Jaka Lakovic – the Slovenian guard had good numbers on many categories, but the efficiency was his strength: in 218 he averaged 11.82 value.

7. Rudy Fernandez – even if he played in the NBA some seasons, he has many games in the Euroleague too: 243 and an average of 12.22 index rate.

6. Vassilis Spanoulis – the Euroleague’s king scorer which lost some games with an ending season injury maintained a good index rate 12.42 during the huge numbers of games played: 324.

5. Milos Teodosic – even if he has chosen to play this season in Eurocup, the Serbian guard remains one of the best ever in the Euroleague with an average of 12.61 index rate in 237 games.

4. Nick Calathes, the main guard of Panathinaikos Athens is having 12.73 index rate in 211 games played with the same team.

3. Jan Vesely, one of the most important players of Fenerbahce all these years is averaging 12.91 efficiency value in 223 games.

2. Ante Tomic, the Croatian center of FC Barcelona had 13.16 index rate in 283 games.

1.Dimitris Diamantidis – the legend of PAO had the best index rate 13.69 index rate in 278 games played in the Euroleague with the Greens.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos