The only game left for today in Europe: Anadolu Efes vs. Bursaspor

Today, the Turkish league will continue with an encounter that has a clear favourite. Anadolu Efes is hosting Bursaspor in a what looks like a practice game, taking into considerations that one of the team is the main title contender of the Euroleague and the other one, an average team promoted this season from the first league. But now, with the curent situation you never know what a team can do. Last game, the foreigners of Anadolu Efes were very shy appearences. All of them scored only a couple of points, while Shane Larkin refused to play. The homegrown players took their roles and impressed in that match against Turk Telekom, but let’s see what will happen today. Bursaspor is a surprinsing team that had good results this season, but they are very oscillating. The core of their squad is based on 5 foreigners helped from the bench by the Turkish veterans Ender Arslan and Can Maxim Mutaf. They proved they can turn back many games, making Bursaspor a team with the eyes on the playoff spot. If they motivate themselves they can do miracles, if not, they can lose as well by more than 20 points. That’s the big problem with them: the lack of constancy of their mercenaries who are playing a tremendous run and gun. When it works it’s amazing, but many times this approach of the game is failing and the defense is suffering the results. The encounter is not a big clash, but it will be more intesting now, when it’s the only game left to watch for tonight due to Coronavirus outbreak and the cancellation of the competitions in the entire Europe.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos