The Sacramento Kings are running wild

Last season, the NBA had a lot of bad teams that started to lose intentionally in order to get a higher chance at a great pick. One of these teams was Sacramento Kings, who finished with 27 wins and 55 losses. Although the Kings were on the 23rd place in the entire league, they managed to get the second pick in the first round of the draft. Vlade Divac chose Marvin Bagley III, a power forward who played at Duke University, under the command of Mike Krzyzewski, to be their next big man superstar.

However, with all these moves, still, nobody would believe that Sacramento Kings will actually be good this year. Therefore, when the team from California started with a 6-3 record everybody was shocked. The Sacramento Kings were getting more and more respect from the other competitors and they began to be taken more seriously. Now, when we are almost at the half of the season, the Sacramento Kings have 16 wins and 15 losses and they stand on the eighth place in the Western Conference.

So, the question that is being asked a lot is “What is changed with the Sacramento Kings?”. First of all, the team started to shoot much better than the last season so if in 2017-2018 they were in the 22nd place in the league now they are the fifth. Another major shift was in pace. Incredibly, the Sacramento Kings managed to get from the last spot in the league to the second in just half a year. This shows us how motivated these young players are and how smart they became. The pace had a huge effect on the assists line where the Sacramento Kings are placed on the 9th position. These are just a few factors that contributed to the Kings’ success.

Consequently, Fox, Hield, and Bagley III are started to get a lot of recognition and praise for what they are doing and they are absolutely deserving of it. They still have a long way to go but if they keep this work and this motivation and love for the game, then nothing is impossible.

David Istrate,

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