The salary cap in the Euroleague = communism

Some people are advancing the stupid idea of a salary cap in the Euroleague. I wrote already about this and I will write again. Last time it was Ergin Ataman, the coach of Anadolu Efes, now is Nebojsa Covic, the president of Crvena Zvezda that spoke about this proposal. I the last article I stated:

“This idea is crap. It means that if you as a sponsor have a lot of money to invest, you cannot invest because other teams don’t have the same money. It means as well that lazy organizations that are not searching day and night for sponsors will be at the same level as the clubs that are attracting a lot of sponsorships. The idea of the salary cap is implying no free market, no capitalism, but the purest “MAO ZEDONG theory” of basketball. But even in the communism, the teams didn’t have the same budgets, they were very different on the salaries offered to their players”.

The salary cap in Euroleague has no meaning. Maybe in a poor country like Albania can have, but in the league of the RICH, it is simply nonsense. Euroleague has run away from FIBA, exactly in order to make more money. Euroleague wanted a wild free market where the money would be the top priority. And money invested by the sponsors is definitely the reason for the actual growth. Unlimited! How to come now with primitive ideas to cut the investments? If a team can bring in more sponsors it’s perfect, why do they have to pay their players with the same amount of money like a poor or lazy organization?

Basketball is a free market and free markets regulate by themselves, by the true balance between the offer and demand. We don’t need any stupid intervention in the free market who can cut the initiative of the sponsors. The more money invested in European basketball, the better.

Photo: angelo luca iannaccone from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos