The Warriors need Steph Curry immediately

 The Warriors need Steph Curry immediatelyIn the past 4 years, the American basketball league was dominated by Golden State Warriors, who won 3 titles. The only loss in the Finals for Steve Ker’s team was in 2015-2016, after a record-breaking 73 wins. Since then, they added Kevin Durant in the organization and managed to win another two titles, while Durant was named the Finals MVP each time. In my opinion, the American superstar deserved this award if we look only to the stats. Personally, I think that Stephen Curry is the best player that the Golden State Warriors has and the most valuable.

Drafted in 2009, after a great career at Davidson College, Curry wasn’t from the beginning the player that he is today. He was a good point guard but he had a lot of disadvantages such as his height and his sensibility to injuries. Curry continued to believe in his abilities and he became better and better as the years passed. His break-out year was in the season 2015-2016 when the Akron-born superstar averaged 30.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 6.7 assists and was named the MVP of the league.

Known as an excellent shooter, Steph Curry became excellent in other categories too. He worked on his dribbling ability and on driving to the basket, so now almost half of his points come from inside the paint. But when we talk about Curry we don’t see only a great basketball player. We see an entertainer, who knows how to get the fans involved in games. This is why the atmosphere in Oracle Arena is so crazy because whenever Steph hits a three or does a nice crossover he communicates with the public. The basketball game has become more of a show in recent years and Steph Curry is definitely the best man for this job.

Steph Curry’s impact is not only on the game or on the public but also on his teammates, who absolutely love him. This is because Steph always has a smile on his face and he knows when is the time to joke and when he has to be serious. He is a factor of balance in the Golden State Warriors’ locker room and this transcends the numbers that the stats show us. His relationships with the coach, with the teammates, with the janitor or with the security agents all show how great of a person Steph Curry is.

And in this moment of crisis, Golden State Warriors need Steph Curry back as soon as possible. The NBA champions lost the last three games, and stand on the fourth place in the Western Conference. Also, as I recalled in a previous article, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had a huge fight which left some residues on the way the team plays. Of course, Kevin Durant is an amazing player but he does not have the impact that Steph Curry has. Since 2016-2017 when Durant joined the Warriors, he missed 30 games, and his team managed to win 27 out of that 30 games. Meanwhile, in the past 3 years, Steph Curry missed 46 games, and the Warriors are 26-20. So, we can easily observe how much better are Golden State Warriors with Curry on the court.

The organization based in Oakland is still the favorite to get the NBA title, but if there is someone who can solve the Warriors problems and keep this team intact, that man is Stephen Curry.

David Istrate,

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