The Western Conference is no joke

The NBA All-Star Game is one of the most expected events during every season. The superstars, show, slam dunk contest, atmosphere are some of the elements that draw so much attention to the All-Star Weekend.

More than that, it is a battle. It’s a battle between the West and the East. In the past two decades, the Western Conference has been the stronger one while the Eastern Conference was subject to mockery. Actually, 13 out of the last 20 NBA Finals had a champion from the West.

This year’s playoff showed us again how great the Western Conference is. In the first round, two of the series needed a Game 7, one ended in six games, and another one in five games. In the meantime, three of the four Eastern Conference series were sweeps.

Last night, the Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7, and the Los Angeles Lakers finally found their opponent. A couple of nights ago, the Denver Nuggets won against the Utah Jazz and got themselves into the second round. Meanwhile, both of the Eastern Conference Semifinals have started. More than that, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat already have a 2-0 lead.

In my opinion, this proves that the Eastern Conference has only two or three good teams, while the Western Conference has seven or eight great teams. The question that arises now is: will the Eastern Conference Champion manage to fight against the top team from the West? Or in other words: if Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, or Toronto Raptors were in the Western Conference, what place would they be in?