The winner takes it all: Manresa vs. Tenerife

The final act of the Basketball Champions League is set to take place today. After an incredible season, the Spanish domination continues, like the previous years, even if San Pablo Burgos is out. Baxi Manresa or Lenovo Tenerife will be crowned as the new king of European basketball and I am sure that the battle will be very intense. Who will win it? I think the most inspired team, the squad that could speculate the most clutch moments.

This final is maybe the most tied-level finals of the Basketball Champions League because we have two great Spanish teams that know each other very well and that’s why it will be difficult to surprise your opponents.

On one side, Manresa is a newcomer in the Final 4 and they are bringing enthusiasm and energy. After winning coach of the year (Pedro Martinez) and MVP of the season (Chima Moneke), their confidence has to reach sky-level.

On the other side, we have the veteran team of Lenovo Tenerife playing the 3rd final in this competition. Their group has a lot of chemistry and experience. They have more time playing together than Baxi Manresa and they have built good relationships on the court.

The fans are also important and here Manresa is a bit advantaged because they will have around 5000 supporters, while Tenerife only has 200 as we saw Friday during the semifinals. May the best team win!


Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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