There are places for the Spanish league to be resumed: Serbia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro…

Some important league are set to resume the next month, like the German league where the games will start on 6 June and then the Israeli league on 21 June. It’s all about organization and willingness, that’s why exactly these 2 countries from the whole of Europe will do it.

Liga ACB is expected to take the final decision soon, but the players are worried to come back and train. They are scared about the possibility to be infected with Coronavirus. But they are not scared by the fact that the sponsors of the teams, the TV, the fans are suffering. The players have enough money in the bank to refuse to be brave. They prefer chilling on the couch than “to risk” their lives playing basketball in a safe arena, where all the required conditions will be completed in order to protect them.

All the other social categories are coming back to work, but not the basketball players. I thought they were brave, but some of them are cowards. There are solutions for the Spanish league to be resumed. You know already all the proposals, to concentrate them in a unique city and so on. The Spanish islands where the virus is almost gone could be a solution. Not only Gran Canaria or Tenerife but as well Mallorca, that has a good arena to play. Without fans, all the arenas are equal. If you play behind closed doors you can play almost everywhere. And that’s the main point. Everywhere means also outside of Spain. Why not in Serbia, since the country of basketball opened their borders to everyone without restrictions?

Why the Spanish league has to be played on the national territory? It’s behind closed doors so you can play it as well in Serbia, Greece or Lithuania. Montenegro is as well a solution and maybe the costs will be cheaper than anywhere else. They are the first COVID FREE country in Europe, so I think there also Abrines will feel safe. Let’s do something, instead of staying paralyzed by fear and laziness on the couch, crying like small babies.

Image: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos