“This” Fenerbahce is not the 2017 Fenerbahce!!!

Fans will be fans. Especially Fenerbahce fans who see their team as favourite to win the clash with Anadolu Efes in the Euroleague semifinals May 17. The love is blind and we have the best proof for this quote here when all these people don’t realize that in fact, the 2017 Euroleague champions were 3 times better than the actual Fenerbahce plagued with injuries.

Even if Jan Vesely and Nikola Kalinic will play, they won’t do it at their best level because if you come from a long injury even if you want to give 100% on the court you are not able to.

On the other side, we have a full, superior and fresh Anadolu Efes roster who has to destroy “this” Fenerbahce! But whatever logical argument will be involved, the Fenerbahce fans have only one type of answer: “Fenerbahce to win! Fenerbahce to win! Fenerbahce to win!”

Graţian Cormoş, info@brainbasketball.net