Tofas lost without shame against Brindisi

Yesterday, Tofas made a pathetic game at home against the visitors from Brindisi. Last week they lost in Italy with only 2 points and all the facts indicated that the Turkish team can steal the win at home, Tofas was coming after an easy game during the weekend in the domestic league where they have smashed the outsider Fethiye Beledie by 30 points margin.

Tofas Bursa contradicts any logic with this stupid loss against Brindisi. The whole roster was playing, they needed the victory to still have a chance in the Basketball Champions League, but their basketball was trash. I think I saw almost 20 points missed only by lack of concentration under the basket. Let’s take an example: you penetrate the defense, you can make an easy lay-up and you fail scoring when the basket is there. Or you make an offensive rebound and you put the ball near the basket because simply you have no focus.

After watching this ridiculous game made by Tofas I concluded they didn’t care about the qualifiers. They step int the court without motivation to win it. At least try it, because you get paid for that. Tofas were massacred like sheep in the slaughterhouse and they simply didn’t care. You lose by 20 points at home from the same team that you almost beat last week away. How is this possible?

Image: Basketball Champions League

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