Top 10 most funny nicknames of LeBron James according to his haters

LeBron James is definitely one of the best players in NBA history and that’s why his legacy starts to generate a lot of discussions and also hate. A week ago we posted in the Facebook group called “LeBron James Haters United” a topic inviting the members to comment there with nicknames of Lebron.

My post was followed soon by a lot of comments, of course, some of them inappropriate to expose here, but as well some funny and smart ones. Let’s have a review of the most interesting nicknames of King James given by his haters:

  1. LeFlop (LeBron being considered one of the players with a lot of flops during the game)
  2. LeRecruiter (because Lebron was involved very actively in signing new players for his team, no matter if it was Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers or his new one, Los Angeles Lakers)
  3. LeGM (again this nickname refers to the ability of LeBron to impose his vision in the trades of his teammates or even coaches)
  4. LeTrade (is also related with trading players for his team)
  5. LeChase (because he is casing rings according to his haters)
  6. Lebronica
  7. LeBron West (because he migrated in the Western Conference)
  8. LeSweep (he lost many NBA finals)
  9. LeBrowmance
  10. L3-6ron Blames (referring to his 3 NBA titles and 6 other NBA lost finals)

Gratian Cormos