Torino – Milano: white men can jump? Streetballers can defend?

Last night derby between Fiat Torino and Olimpia Milano prove that white men can jump. Or, I am not sure if the jump was so important, but the precision of the shooting and the coordination as a team WAS!

The Torino’s ballers, which looked good in the first 3 quarters of the game became streetballers in the last 10 minutes. The game was tied at 57 and then the Milano’s hurricane destroyed disoriented and selfish Torino’s NBA stars.

How is possible to receive in the last quarter of a derby 36 points and to score just 14??? When do you play with your best rotation? No injury, no big foul troubles!

When it’s supposed to defend better than Cinciarini, Della Valle, Micov, Fontecchio and to score easier because you – NBA and NCAA stars – are flying. And you get beaten that way?

I don’t say anything about coach Larry Brown because it’s his first game after the surgery he had in the USA, but yesterday Torino played streetball, not full court basketball!

Now, Tuesday come the most important exam for Torino: they still have chances to qualify to Eurocup top16, but they have to change the attitude against Fraport Skyliners if they want to win! I am sure they can!

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