Treviso upsetting Umana Venezia for an important win

Yesterday in Seria A, Treviso received the visit of Eurocup participant, Umana Reyer Venezia in a game counting for Round 5. Venezia came after their first win in Eurocup against Turkish side Tofas 76-65, while Treviso lost in last round against Fortitudo Bologna, 77-69. Despite they won the last two games in a row and everything seems to settle down for Venezia, they receive another heavy loss in this game 90-79. Let’s see what goes wrong for them and good for the other team.

The match started with a 17-13 Venezia’s win in the first quarter, after poor shooting from both sides. Venezia continued to have the edge until the final seconds of next quarter with the score being tied at halftime 35-35. In the third quarter, we had some interesting stats, with both teams shooting almost exclusively shots from the distance. Only Treviso had one attempt inside the arc, while Venezia 0. That battle was won by the home team with 5-10 from distance while the away team had 3-13. That story also continued in the last quarter with very good 3-point percentages for Treviso and another 4-13 stats from Venezia.

For Treviso, the main scorers were Aleksej Nikolic (23 points and 3 assists), Charles Cooke (18 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists) and David Logan (15 points and 5 assists). For Venezia, Austin Daye (23 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists) and Mitchell Watt (10 points and 9 rebounds) were the main contributors.

In this game everything was simple: Venezia loss thanks to their poor shooting from distance, finishing the game with 28% shots made (10-35), while Treviso had 44% (13-29). Venezia had many more shots attempts than their opponents, but that didn’t help because their poor shooting form from the start of the season came back.

They had all the advantages needed to win: Won the rebounds battle, with 20-6 on offensive rebounds. They had fewer turnovers than their opponents, 8-15. They had 71 shots attempts, to 52 from the opponent. So what happened? Venezia’s players forced a lot of shots, made a lot of poor decisions and some of them tried to win the game on their own, but guess what? Basketball is a team sport and you need to communicate and cooperate with your guys, find the open man and take advantage of those extra shots you receive from the opponent. It seems that Venezia still has some problems with their shooting, a problem that makes them to have a 3-5 record in all competitions in this start of the season.


Bogdan Vasile Tirc