Tsmoki Minsk has a good chance to qualify in BCL groups

After a long summer, finally, European basketball is here. This week, Basketball Champions League scheduled the first leg of the qualification round for the group stage. This year, there are some really good teams like Karhu Basket and Tsmoki Minsk, which are used with this competition.

On home court, the Finnish team managed to beat Tsmoki Minsk by 7 points. Okko Jarvi was the best player, as he finished with 26 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals, and one block. From the visitors, Dominez Burnett had 26 points, 5 rebounds, and one steal.

The main problem of the Belarussian team was their shooting percentage. They shot 12/32 from the three-point line (37.5%) while having 49.2% FG (31/63). In opposition, Karhu Basket shot 52.2% from the three-point line (12/23), for a 57.6% FG (34/59).

However, Tsmoki Minsk dominated the rebounding battle as they had 10 more rebounds than their opponents (35-25). Karhu Basket had only 4 offensive rebounds while Tsmoki Minsk had 15. This shows a great advantage of Rotislav Vergun’s team. If they manage to keep these numbers and increase their precision of shots, it will be an easy job for them in the second leg.

Tsmoki Minsk has some good foreign players like Dominez Burnett, Branko Mirkovic, Jamar Abrams, and the French Alex Gavrilovic. Meanwhile, Karhu Basket also has some quality Americans, but they also have a great Finnish player: Okko Jarvi.

However, considering that the difference is of only 7 points and that the second leg will be played in Minsk, I think that the home team will win by 10-12 points and qualify to the Basketball Champions Group. The game will take place tonight (09.20) at 18:00 (GMT+2).

*photo: championsleague.basketball