U-Banca Transilvania to win vs. Ludwigsburg

I just read a lot of articles about this game, efficiency rating, offensive strategies, about aggressiveness on the court but hey! let’s just have a look at the circumstances. Both teams U-Banca Transilvania and Ludwigsburg are great. They have reached the quarterfinals even if nobody gave them a credit to do it. I think that the Romanian squad has a great possibility to steal the victory in game 1 of the series because:

  • The visitors from Germany are coming with big roster problems. In the last games in Bundesliga, they had important missing such as Tremmel Darden, Tekele Kotton and Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann. Ludwigsburg suffered also this weekend against Telekom Baskets Bonn exactly because of this incomplete rotation. The battle against U-BT Cluj Napoca has to be very tied and each missing player will count a lot.
  • The U-BT Arena is sold out since Saturday, which means that 10 000 people came to support the home team. The crowds of fans can give the necessary boost to the Transilvanian team to win the derby.
  • A loss for Ludwigsburg is not a tragedy. The Germans have game 2 on their court and maybe at that time, they will have more players recovering from injuries. I remind you that the Basketball Champions League Quarterfinals have 3 games. So, it is enough for Ludwigsburg to win game 2 and then to focus on game 3 when for sure they should have the entire roster available.

Ludwigsburg will fight for sure tonight, but I think the short rotation will affect significantly their game.

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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