U-Banca Transilvania with a good chance against Bourg

In the rematch of the Eurocup, U-Banca Transilvania will host Bourg en Bresse. Months ago the Romanian squad eventually lost in France after a tied game. This time things could be very different because:

  • U is playing at home and we saw last year in BCL how much importance their fans have. Thousands of people will come to BT Arena to support their team, which could boost the players’ confidence.
  • Bourg is not having an excellent period. They have lost their last 4 games, one in Eurocup at home against Cedevita and then  3 other games in the French league. After a great season in Eurocup, Bourg, who is still the leader of the group could start to descend. Definitely, they are not the best team in the group. Personally, I think they will finish the regular season in the 4th or 5th spot.
  • The Romanians operated some roster changes since the first game. Jordan Taylor was waived by the team and then they signed experienced guard Nemanja Gordic, and during the winter break also Kasey Shepherd, a very athletic and skilled guard. Now U-Banca Transilvania has a larger rotation and can compete better against any opponent in Eurocup.

If they will approach the game with motivation and confidence, the Romanians can win even if Bourg is one of the most surprising teams in the competition.

Razvan Tabrea

Image credit: Eurocup