Unicaja Malaga should win against AS Monaco

It’s the last round of the Top 16 of the Eurocup and some teams have no chance to qualify while others are already in the playoffs. I think Unicaja Malaga have a great chance to win today against AS Monaco because:

  • The French team is already qualified and they don’t need this victory. In their place I would rest the important players, giving more minutes to the young guys in order to help them to grow their level. Fighting as hell against Malaga today has no sense at all and only could bring some unnecessary injuries.
  • Unicaja Malaga proved last round they are ready to defend their name: they won the last round of the Eurocup at Joventut Badalona and their game improved a lot in the last weeks since they have now at disposal the whole roster, including Gal Mekel and Carlos Suarez. They will try to win today against AS Monaco without a doubt!
  • The only problem for Unicaja in this Eurocup campaign was the constant absentees. They played many rounds without guards and with the roster decimated. When they have all the players available things are changing radically. We are seeing now the true face of Unicaja Malaga in the last encounters when the Spanish team takes it all.

I would pick up not only the win but even better a -3 handicap on Unicaja Malaga at odd 1.80 on bet365.

Image: Eurocup

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