Virtus Bologna or Dinamo Sassari in the Italian Supercup Finals?

Today Virtus Bologna and Dinamo Sassari will fight for a spot in the Supercup Finals where they will meet the winner of the encounter between Armani Milan and Umana Venezia. When the odds were placed Virtus Bologna had 1,41 on bet365 and then slowly they grew till reaching 1.54, dropping again now at 1.47.

Who was so enthusiastic to bet on Dinamo Sassari? Maybe the bettors that knew that the Cup and Supercup are the “competition of the surprises”. Maybe the people disappointed by the weak games made by Virtus Bologna at the group stage, where they almost lost the qualifiers in front of the much weaker, but brave Reggio Emilia.

The truth is Virtus Bologna played trash basketball this season. For their huge potential, I mean. Of course, there is the possibility they didn’t motivate themselves till now because the encounters were not real derbies. But we all expect more from this team. Today will be an interesting exam for Virtus and I trust they have the power to win against Dinamo Sassari because:
  • since they came back in the first league, Virtus didn’t win anything in Italy. Last season they were on the top spot of the rankings, but because of Coronavirus, the league finished earlier without crowning a champion. It’s their time to prove something, to play at least a Final.
  • Virtus is hosting the tournament, it will be very tough to break them in their arena, in front of their fans. It’s a huge opportunity for them to make history.
  • Last, but not least Dinamo rotation is much smaller than Virtus’ one: at the Italian players’ chapter they have only Spissu, Gentile (who was injured and rested the last days) and the veteran Devecchi. On the other side, Virtus Bologna has made an impressive campaign to bring in many Italian young talents and this has to be seen in the important games, where the bench will count a lot.

Gratian Cormos

Image: Eurocup