Virtus Bologna playing GARBAGE

Virtus Bologna playing GARBAGE

The game between Virtus Bologna and Umana Venezia can be included in the school books as a bad example of how to manage a basketball game. Let’s see why:

  1. Virtus Bologna was leading with 70-61 with 4 minutes to play after being ahead of all game long. From this point, they couldn’t score and they received a 14-2 run which tied the game. At the moment their only smart idea was to engage the center Yanick Moreira to force a foul and obtain the free-throws. But Moreira is even worst the Shaquille O’Neal at the free-throw line: he missed in the last seconds 3 from 4!!! How smart as a coach you can be if you use as a weapon for the last seconds your worst free-throw shooter???
  2. Venezia won the game having just 55 shots from the field compared with Bologna’s 67. And the home squad has also more free-throws attempted (29) compared with just 21 of Venezia. So actually, in a normal game, with such an unbalanced number of the attacks, Virtus Bologna had to win by at least 15 points. Why this doesn’t happen? Because Virtus Bologna had trash percentage on all the categories: 49% at 2s, 25% from the arc and a poor 58 at the free throw line.
  3. The visiting team had committed 17 turnovers and had only one steal in the entire game. In the same time, Virtus Bologna had only 6 turnovers and 6 steals, a fact that again had to boost your offense.

The conclusion is that even the referees will help you with free-throws and giving turnovers to the other team, but if you are too stupid to take advantage of this, you cannot win. You will lose the last quarter at home with a ridiculous 23-13 because you have no idea how to manage the end of the game. You deserve to lose!

Gratian Cormos,

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