Virtus Bologna to have an easy job against Brindisi?

If Virtus Bologna will focus on this game, it will be an easy win. Brindisi is without Kelvin Martin, who got injured two weeks ago. Happy Casa Brindisi is a brave team and they proved it this season a couple of times, beating Armani Milano or fighting in double overtime with Casademont Zaragoza. But to have a chance in PallaDozza you have to be on your best day and with the full roster. Because Virtus Bologna is at the moment one of the best teams in Europe, no. 1 in Italy and the strongest candidate to win the Eurocup. Last week they have lost the first game against Vanoli Cremona, which without a doubt will make them more careful with the visitors today.

The only problem ist that Virtus Bologna is having in 3 days the last game in this Eurocup stage at Monaco, for winning the group. They stole the victory already in Bologna by only 2 points and in Monaco, it seems to be very difficult to win for any team. Will Virtus save their energy in the domestic league vs. Brindisi, only to try to win the group? Or they will smash the visitors? Nobody knows that’s why I don’t recommend you to bet at this small odd before the game. Better wait for an opportunity at live, analyzing all the factors involved. Normally, Brindisi has a small chance in the absence of Kelvin Martin. Exactly because their rotation is very short now the club decided to bring in the strong power forward Dominique Sutton, who has a lot of previous experience in Italy and in Eurocup with Dolomiti Energia Trento. He will arrive only at the beginning of the next week to join Happy Casa Brindisi and then the situation will change a lot for them.

Photo: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos