What do NBA, Euroleague and Liga ACB have in common?

These are the last 3 leagues that are trying to find solutions to continue, maybe in an adapted format, the basketball competition. It’s not sure they will make it, because it could be almost impossible if the virus persists for the next months, but they are trying hard. And suddenly a question has to come in our minds: why these 3 leagues are not quitting like the others? What do they have different than the majority of the domestic or continental basketball leagues? The answer can include many aspects, from the quality of their games to the bigger number of the teams involved. But one thing is sure: these leagues are moved more than the others by money.

The NBA, the Euroleague and the Spanish league are the best in the Western world because there is a lot of money involved and a huge fan base. These competitions cannot be cancelled at all because there are big companies as sponsors, huge payments from the televisions right to broadcast the games and millions of people watching. We speak about hundreds of millions in advertising and marketing.

Even playing behind closed doors is better for the big business than finishing the league right now, like happened in Italy, Lithuania and many other European countries. That’s why they want to find a solution even if they have to adapt and change the format of the competition. Between the ideas, the brightest one is to concentrate all the teams in one place. For the NBA they proposed Las Vegas or Belize, the Euroleague’s board was studying the possibility of a city in Europe that has 2 big basketball arena and now Liga ACB is thinking about Gran Canaria to host a 16 squads playoff.

And now you have also the answer which is the best domestic league in Europe: without a doubt the Spanish one!

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos