What happened with Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes?


Game 3 and 4 of the series between Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes had the same finish. The Turkish team led with double-digit in the fourth quarter and then collapsed in a very strange way. The Spaniards turn the tables around and this can be a huge lesson for all of the bettors. I will mark some aspects:

After being 0-2, destroyed by Anadolu Efes in Turkey in the first games of the series, the only chance to survive for Real Madrid was to try the impossible. I mean winning at least one game to extend the agony for another encounter.

On the other side, the visitors were too self-confident after the victories in Istanbul and leading in Madrid by more than 10 points in the last minutes gave them too much relaxation. They slowed down the engine, while the opponents did anything to run back.

As we know, Real Madrid is not in their best year and definitely, they are not a title contender in Euroleague. But they showed character – a feature that all experienced teams have.

There is no doubt that Efes will start with the first chance the “do-or-die” game 5 and I think they will win it. But game 3 and 4 were not necessary to be won by the Turkish squad. That’s why I didn’t bet anything on those game.

The same situation is happening in the series between Bayern Munich and Olimpia Milano. Even if they will lose game 4, the Italian will have another opportunity at home in the last encounter. the last

Image: EuroLeague

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