What type of NBA fan are you?

What type of NBA fan are you?

What kind of a fan are you? Usually, we support our home team, even though we talk about football, soccer or basketball. However, what if we live outside America, but our national basketball, for example, is not that good?

Well, then we watch the NBA, the biggest arena of basketball. For these situations, there are two types of fans. Those who fall in love with NBA teams, and their history and culture, like many of my friends, or you can fall in love with a player and support every team he plays for.

I am that type of fan. I am a LeBron person, for so many reasons, both on and off the court.

I rooted for Miami for four years, Cleveland for another four years and now Lakers is my favorite team.

I think individual stats are more interesting and prove better, what kind of player is on the court. I know basketball is a team sport, but during the years, we have witnessed so many incredible highlights, records and stats that every year I am excited to see what record will be broken or what crazy stats will LeBron put at 34 years old.

I think the biggest highlight I have seen so far was the outrageous block from LeBron in the game seven of the 2015 Finals, but it took me some time to choose from all my memories.

In the end, it does not matter what kind of fan are you just enjoy the show.

Nicolae Sorocan

What type of NBA fan are you?