When the Russians beat the Americans

The biggest surprise of yesterday’s round of Basketball Champions League is coming from Italy, where the visitors from Nizhny Novgorod hammered the host team Sidigas Avellino.

The Italian squad full with famous ex-Euroleague and NBA American players, including the new acquisition Patrick Young couldn’t resist to the Russian offensive. Nizhny dominated the game at steals, forcing Avellino to commit 18 turnovers compared with just 9 made by the Russian team.

Nobody thought that the disaster will be so complete like the final result shows it: 71-92. And even worse for Avellino, Nizhny don’t have spectacular foreigners in the roster and they has as 5 starters for this game only Russians. 

This situation confirms the words of Nando Gentile who a couple of days ago have criticized the huge useless number of Americans in the Italian basketball league. The same thing that have been explain earlier this year by Bogdan Tanjevic.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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