Who is the real MVP of the Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a great start of the season, having a record of 24 wins and only 3 losses until now. This marks the best start of the competitional year for Lebron, also, who never had such a good record after only 26 games. It took a while for the franchise to get back on track, as the Lakers were struggling for years after that Kobe Bryant ACL injury, but they are now, once again, at the top of the standings in the Western Conference.

As the season goes into the second quarter, we are starting to question ourselves who is the real MVP there. Is it Lebron James, is it Anthony Davis, is it Dwight Howard, who, besides this joke, is helping the Lakers a lot, and even if he’s not the number 1 or 2 option anymore, he plays a solid role in that team’s progress so far. As for the other two, it is quite hard to pick and choose one between James and Davis, because both of them are playing at the highest level currently, showing the world that they are the main favorites to win the title this year.

Since Anthony Davis came to the Lakers this summer, a lot of things changed, and it was obvious that he will transform the team into a contender instantly, as he is a top-five player in the league, without a doubt. This move allowed Lebron to get on the point-guard position and play the one-two game with AD. Given the fact that Davis can shoot the ball from basically everywhere, the pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop game is a lethal weapon for the Lakers, and this particular thing kind of shows in Lebron’s assists chart. He is currently averaging 10,7 assists-per-game. That is not terrible for a 2,06cm tall, 113kg player. James also has 26,1 PPG and 7,3 RPG.

Despite of all that, the defensive part of the game is what separates those two in the MVP debate, so because of that, I would say that Davis is the best player on that team, for now. He is averaging 2,6 blocks-per-game (being the 3rd in the league overall) and 1,5 steals-per-game (15th in the league in that category). You add 27,4 PPG (7th in the league), 9,3 RPG and 3,3 APG to all that and you have quite some good arguments that could validate the issue. Yes, the offensive game of Lebron James is great, but defense is the main factor that will get you a championship, as they say, so Davis has the edge on that matter.