Who trusted FC Barcelona to win at CSKA Moscow?

Yesterday, Barca surprised CSKA in Moscow. Nobody would have believed that. I am sure that even the biggest Azulgrana fans didn’t dream at this victory especially now when their team was without Mirotic, Claver, Davies and after Huertel’s departure. But this is basketball and this is Euroleague. A top-level, like in the NBA where anybody can beat anybody.

If you look closer to the encounter you can find the roots of the Catalan victory:

  • Coach Sarunas Jasikevicus was extra motivated against CSKA like a brave Lithuanian playing against the top Russian team. A victory against CSKA in Moscow worths more than anything for Saras.
  • The same extra motivation had as well the Ukrainian Pustovyi, the Letonian Smits, coming from 2 countries that were also part of the big Soviet Union.
  • But the biggest motivation had Cory Higgins, that played before with CSKA. He had an incredible night against his ex-team.
  • Another important aspect of the game was the fact that CSKa had not all their players available. Daniel Hackett and Will Clyburn were out and the roster was not so deep. Only with a couple of strong guys like Shengelia, Milutinov and James, it’s difficult to fight the whole game.

Barca came with the mindset to give everything on the court and the result was not only they resisted, but they smashed CSKA. A huge victory that can count a lot in the rankings at the end of the regular season.

Image: EuroLeague 

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