Why Adrian Banks have chosen Fortitudo over Brindisi?

We saw these days a lot of statements regarding the Adrian Banks’ departure from Brindisi to Fortutitudo Bologna. All started with Nando Marino’s words, who was upset that loyalty for the club is not so important as money offered by the other side. Then, Adrian Banks replied expressed his point of view and some ex-teammates from Brindisi as Tyler Stone and Kelvin Martin defended Banks as well.

I understand all the attitudes in this debate, but in the end, players have to choose where is better for them, where they consider it proper for the next stage of their lives, for their development and personal growth. If you take a look only a couple of players stood with the same team for their whole or almost the whole career. Juan Carlos Navarro played with Barca, Dimitris Diamantidis with PAO, Felipe Reyes and Sergio Lull with Real Madrid. From all the Americans that played in Europe, just a couple of them stayed with the same team for a decade. The best illustration is Ricky Paulding who remained with Oldenburg from 2007 till present. Or Jaycee Carroll from Real Madrid (2011-2021). Mike Batiste (Panathinaikos, 2003-2012) is another good example in this category.

The basketball market is dynamic and of course, the players are going where there are the money and a trophy perspective. I am sure that Adrian Banks was not leaving Brindisi only because of the money offered by Fortitudo Bologna. He signed with his new club seeing a good opportunity to reach more glory with them: maybe a Legabasket Final, maybe an Italian Cup title or a presence in the Basketball Champions League Final 4 next season.

Banks did an amazing job this season being the best scorer in Italy, but I bet he wants more for the next seasons and Fortitudo Bologna is looking like a club that fits perfectly with him right now. They are building a strong roster, with Meo Sacchetti as a coach and definitely the club will be the tough cookie in Legabasket and BasketballCL in the near future.

Image: Basketball Champions League

Gratian Cormos