Why Barça lost El Clasico?

I took my time to analyze the Spanish awaited derby between Barça and Real Madrid. I read all the comments, mostly naive or stupid about the game. The Blaugrana fans were pissed off because they thought it will be an easy triumph over their opponents. The bettors that took FC Barcelona win or including a handicap on them were disappointed as well.

I will make a small trip in their mind. The majority of the basketball lovers were convinced that the team who won the 1st place of the regular season of the Euroleague should smash without problems the other team that have obtained the playoff spot in the last round. So, the prediction was Barca to win by 10-15, maybe 20 points.

Then, other people who saw Pau Gasol as a sort of saviour, after the game blamed him for the loss, which is obviously not his fault.

This is my point of view as a specialised bettor:

  • firstly, the odd on FC Barcelona was too small and during the days melted to 1.25 which cannot be taken. I took better Barca to win in Madrid at a big odd at the beginning of the season.
  • the comeback of Pau Gasol takes time. I am sure he will be of great help but in the Euroleague Final 4 and in the Spanish Finals, not now. He has to be integrated and the chemistry of the team has to be readjusted to give results. This loss means nothing. Barca need time to build and I am sure they can win the Euroleague and Liga ACB.
  • Real Madrid came more motivated. Young guys like Vukcevic and Garuba saw many minutes and they contributed a lot. Barca played without energy and was not in their best day. Let’s not forget they beat Real Madrid a couple of times already this season. Sometimes you fail, no team can work at 100% forever.

Image: EuroLeague

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