Why I picked up Asvel Lyon at Baskonia?

I know that many tipsters gave Baskonia as the clear favourite before the yesterday game against Asvel Lyon. I didn’t bet anything, waiting to see a bit the game, the first minutes at least. Nobody knew if the French team will have all their players in good shape because they haven’t played some Euroleague rounds due to many Covid-19 absences.

After watching a bit I decided to bet on Lyon because they looked fresh, full of energy, hungry for the victory. Their roster is not so bad as some people are thinking. Not they recovered almost all their players, having experienced guys like ex-NBA Norris Cole or Antoine Diot, Charles Kahudi etc. It was the first time this season when they had a full roster available.

The main question was who would be able to defend the giant Moustapha Fall (2.18 m). Baskonia’s big man Yousoupha Fall went out after 2 minutes of play with an injury and nobody could guard the French giant who finished with 8/9 in the paint and 28 at index rate.

Actually, it was a real derby, while the odd was huge on Lyon. I caught 3.20, but before the game was 4.15. The difference between these 2 teams is not so big. Baskonia has in the roster at least 3 players that are not doing anything. Then Fall was out with injury after 2 minutes of playing. The rotation diminished a lot and as well the options that coach Duskovic had.

This year’s Baskonia is not last year’s Baskonia, we all know that. They cut the budget and they created a competitive low-cost squad. But nothing more. The same level as Asvel Lyon, without a doubt. And when the level is close and one team has a huge odd, you have to take it. On the long run that’s pure gold!

Image: Euroleague

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