Why I took Besiktas -6.5 handicap against CSU Sibiu

In the first game of the group, CSM Oradea beat Besiktas a result that surprised a lot of people but not me. I wrote before the game that anything is possible in the first round and the huge odd on Oradea was simply too much. The first game doesn’t matter almost at all, so Besiktas was surprised by the ambitious Romanian team. But then the good result was lost in the next game when Balkan Botevgrad, the true underdog came up with a late victory over Oradea. That thing didn’t surprise me as well because a potential win of Oradea would complicate more the group. With Balkan’s victory, the group was tied if Besiktas won against CSU Sibiu.

Besiktas could not afford a second loss in a row, if they want to maximize their chance to advance, they needed a good result by at least 7-8 points. They are hosting this FIBA Europe Cup group and this could be considered also another helping factor.

Let’s not forget that Besiktas won at Fenerbahce in the domestic league of Turkey using only 2 foreigners!!! Then, last week they smashed Galatasaray by almost 20 points margin. Could the brave team of Sibiu be compared with those squads?

Last but not least the refs were there in any case if needed! Like they were there giving a helping hand to Balkan Botevgrad against CSM Oradea as I expected.

Anyway, I see Besiktas as a tough team that have good chances to reach the semifinals of the competition.

Image: FIBA Europe Cup

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