Why I’ve trusted Lenovo Tenerife to win vs. Gran Canaria?

A couple of days ago I announced on my private Telegram channel that I saw Lenovo Tenerife as the favourite to win the Spanish derby against Gran Canaria. I recommended also a small handicap -2.5 on Tenerife.

My reasons to choose Lenovo Tenerife as a winner of the encounter were multiple:

  • Lenovo Tenerife had a week of rest, they didn’t play in the Basketball Champions League last week so it was easy for them to prepare for the game against Gran Canaria
  • At the same time, Gran Canaria had to make a go-and-back trip to Turkey where they faced Bursaspor in Eurocup. It was a long journey that should make Gran Canaria more tired for the next battle at Tenerife.
  • Last, but not least Gran Canaria had some missing players due to COVID or being injured and not all of them were recovered at the game time. Even if some of them were back for the game against Lenovo Tenerife I was sure they will not perform at the highest level. On the other side, the host squad had finally their entire roster available and all the circumstances to win.

Even so, Gran Canaria proved great character and team effort, fighting till the end, but the concentration gave the victory to Tenerife. In the last quarter, the fatigue of Gran Canaria’s players made their defensive to slow down. Exactly how I expected.

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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