Why joining FC Barcelona is the best option for Pau Gasol?

Last summer I wrote an article exactly about this subject when the Catalans were very excited with the idea of signing Pau Gasol. I stated there:

“At this moment of his career, Pau Gasol doesn’t have to prove anything in the NBA. He won it two times, he had great numbers and definitely, he will remain in the history of the strongest competition on Earth. Let’s not forget his actual situation: he will be back on the court after a long injury and probably will be benched a lot, which he doesn’t like. And Pau is not young anymore. The other 2 European gods, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker had already retired at the end of the last season.

Of course, every player has his own plans and expectations, so Pau Gasol can stay in the NBA one more year, maybe two. But I remember in the past, Pau stated that he would like to finish his basketball journey in the lovely city of Barcelona. And that moment is exactly right now! ”

Winning the Euroleague would be the only title that Pau Gasol has missed till now. He is an NBA, Eurobasket and World champion. But even more, being Euroleague champion with FC Barcelona, his former team before he went to the NBA has to be priceless. For both sides: for the Azulgrana club and for Pau. It would be a historical moment. It doesn’t matter if the center will play a lot or only 15 minutes per game. We all know he had many injuries and we don’t expect him to be the same guy that dropped 40 points on France with the national team of Spain. But just to be there, contributing to the team with his amazing experience would be fantastic. It’s not about money, it’s about the heart. And Gasol had always a big heart, being a role model for the new generations of basketball players in Spain and around the world.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos