Why USA smashed Iran so bad?

After a first loss at the Olympics, the USA team had to win its second game. The opponent was the weak squad of Iran and what the Americans did was an act of power. The whole team wanted so bad to change the pathetic impression caused against France.

After that game, some articles appeared claiming that Greg Popovich is not a great coach, not great for this kind of competition and so on. The “experts” attacked one of the greatest coaches in NBA history for the loss against France without understanding the circumstances.

Team USA had some of their players joining the squad a day before the Olympics debut, after flying 13 hours from the USA to Japan. Those players were tired after the flight. They just arrived in Japan and they had to be ready to play. How to build chemistry in that situation? Without practising together at least a couple of times? And France is not a bad team at all, but full of experienced NBA-ers.

Against Iran, all that huge frustration showed up. The USA players wanted to show who is the boss and that’s why the result is so amazing. Almost 60 points margin that maybe nobody expected after the first game lost against France. But I saw the American players extra motivated to release a message they are back and that they are the true candidate to win the gold medal.

Image credit: FIBA

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