Why was so difficult for Maccabi to win vs. Bayern?

The opener between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Bayern Munich was seen as an easy job for the Israeli side because the German squad had many absentees. Many players were out for Bayern, but still, they almost won the game. Scottie Wilbekin saved Maccabi, while Bayern Munich had a last 3 pointer that could bring them the victory, but they missed that shot. Let’s see why this “easy-game” for Maccabi Tel Aviv (the odds on them dropped a lot the days before) was actually so difficult to win:

  • first of all, the Israeli side had 2 important absences too. They couldn’t count for this game on their main big men Ante Zizic and Mathias Lessort. With them in the roster, the story would have been a totally different one and maybe Maccabi Tel Aviv would have won by 15-20 points. Another big man, Jake Cohen didn’t play at all.
  • Then, Bayern has a large roster and in spite of the missing players, they could bring in a deep rotation. In Euroleague, during the last seasons, the level grew a lot and every team has now 12-14 good players.
  • Last but not least, Maccabi Tel Aviv has an oscillating game as always. They can dominate the other team for a quarter or two and then the opponents can erase the deficit in 5 minutes.

Image credit: EuroLeague

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