Zenit after Brandon Jennings

Zenit after Brandon JenningsYesterday we saw one of the biggest Eurocup comebacks and I think this can be called the “Brandon Jennings out” effect.

Leading at the break time by as many as 22 points, Zenit Sankt-Petersburg was smashed in the second half by visitors from Dolomiti Energia Trento, who tied the game, entering the overtime and eventually win the clash.

It was almost an impossible game made by the Italian team, who won against all odds, in the absence of their important player, Dustin Hogue. But the final score is not just the result of their amazing effort, but as well as the consequence of the firing by the Russian squad of the NBA star Brandon Jennings.

The American player, who had some tensions with the Karasev father and son left the club, another American, Sean Armand, was injured, the 3rd one, Jarrod Uthoff is weak and he scored just 2 points, the Israeli guard Gal Mekel as well sidelined with injury so there was the perfect recipe for Zenit to lose the battle, complicate more the group C of the Eurocup and maybe lose the qualification to the Top16! Or maybe Zenit has resigned with their chances for this European competition?

Graţian Cormoş, info@brainbasketball.net

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