Zenit with a ridiculous second half at Olympiacos

The good news for the Russian team was the comeback of Arturas Gudaitis and K.C. Rivers, sidelined in the last encounters. With them, the roster was completed and Zenit had 9 foreigners available in Piraeus. 9 foreigners to try to beat the old Spanoulis and they were not enough.

After an excellent first quarter, Zenit Sankt-Petersburg showed their true face: a pathetic squad with a decent Eurocup level disguised in Euroleague powerhouse this season. I always said that only after the first quarter or at halftime, the game start seriously. Exactly this happened in Piraeus last night, where Zenit scored 28 points in the first quarter and then only 20 in the second half, melting like ice cream in front of the experienced team of Olympiacos.

The Greek team irrupted after the break, destroying the visitors with an unbelievable 45-20. Simply amazing for a team that has a low budget and only a couple of strong players. The main role has the chemistry and the winner mentality that Olympiacos conserved very well during the last decade. They are doing the impossible, fighting for a playoff spot with an average roster and this is huge. On the other side, we have a millionaire club like Zenit that is not able to maintain the same rhythm after the first 10 minutes of the game. Mediocrity on big money. If they won’t wake up soon, other teams will do, stealing their playoff spot.

Image: EuroLeague

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