A fresh Gran Canaria is hosting a tired Valencia Basket

After a double round in the Euroleague, all the teams are already tired in front of their national league’s game. In Liga Endesa, Valencia Basket is travelling to Gran Canaria and after this game, they have another encounter away at Anadolu Efes – one of the largest trips in Europe.

In the same time, the host team, Gran Canaria, a team that this season doesn’t participate in any European competition is much more fresh, since they have only a game per week. I don’t think that necessarily means Gran Canaria to win the game, but they have a bigger chance than normally. Maybe in this game, they can score with more facility or they can reduce Valencia’s offense at a minimum value. Anyway, it has to be a very balanced game, where anything can happen. That’s why is better to wait for an opportunity to bet at live.

It is possible as well that Valencia will sacrifice this game because the most important encounter will be in Istanbul against Anadolu Efes. That game can count a lot for the Euroleague’s playoffs and this has to be the priority for Valencia Basket at the moment. And then, later they can focus on Liga Endesa where the Taronja team is occupying anyway a good spot.

For Gran Canaria, the game is very important since they are out from the playoffs’s spot right now, but with good chances to catch a spot. This season they have fewer games than the previous years (when the club participated as well in Eurocup or Euroleague).The Spanish playoff’s presence is a must for them if they want to be back in the European circuit and now they cannot have the excuse of being tired. In the Spanish league where almost all the important teams are involved in international cups, Gran Canaria have a huge advantage this season and some results have to be seen.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos