A new era for Ratiopharm Ulm under coach Jaka Lakovic

A new era for Ratiopharm Ulm under coach Jaka Lakovic

After finishing on the 6th spot in Bundesliga and reaching TOP 16 of the Eurocup last season, Ulm is aiming to be back on the basketball elite. Their best move was to bring in Jaka Lakovic as head coach. Lakovic, an impressive guard at his time, started to coach, being assistant at F.C. Barcelona II, then at Bilbao and Joventut and as well at the national team of Slovenia.

It will be the first time for him to be a head coach but I am sure his calm, experience and motivation will give the awaited boost for Ratiopharm Ulm to reach the semifinals in Germany and why not the Eurocup playoffs.

The roster is already complete and there are a lot of changes compared to last year. Ulm parted ways with almost the entire roster (Isaac Fotu, Ismet Akpinar, Ryan Thompson, Ra’shad James, Javonte Green, David Kraemer, Bogdan Radosavjlevic and Dwayne Evans) in order to rebuild the squad.

The new signings for the German team are giving a lot of hope to the fans because now the roster will have a very good balance between young and experienced players. The backcourt is the best example of this new era for Ulm: where the veterans Anton Gavel, Zoran Dragic, Per Guenther will be helped by the fastness of the young American Tyler Harvey.

Ratiopharm Ulm added as well some good Americans (Grant Jerret, Derek Willis, Seth Hinrichs and Tyler Harvey), the young French prospect Killian Hayes (18 years) and two local players, Patrick Heckmann and Andreas Obst, with international experience. The roster is deep and looks full of energy, offering to coach Lakovic many possibilities on both sides of the court. After the chemistry will start to work, Ulm will be one of the most dangerous teams in Bundesliga and maybe a surprise of the new Eurocup season.

Gratian Cormos