Analyzing how you could bet on the game between Casademont Zaragoza – Baxi Manresa

In this article, I will try to explain why is important to take the underdogs, to bet on huge odds and how you can make money from this. Let’s take a recent example, the yesterday encounter in the Spanish league between Casademont Zaragoza and Baxi Manresa. In a previous article, I recommended you to place your money on Manresa for many reasons. If you did so from the beginning, you could beneficiate of an amazing odd. Some websites gave 4.75 on Manresa, even if the game could be and actually it was very tied.

If you have bet on 4.75 or 4.60 on the visitors, Baxi Manresa you did a good job because at the halftime they had a 14 points lead (49-35). At that moment of the game, the live odds on the home team, Zaragoza grew from the initial 1.24 to 3.80. So at the halftime was perfect to bet on Casademont Zaragoza to compensate and to assure your back. In that situation, I recommend you not to be cheap. Place your money with logic and respect the numbers. So let’s say 2 days ago you put 1000 euros on Manresa at odd 4.60. Then betting at live, don’t place only 100 euros on Zaragoza even if you think that the margin of 14 points at the halftime in favor of Manresa is a huge one. Place 1000 euros as well on the odd 3.80 on Zaragoza, remembering that:

  • they were the clear favorites of the clash
  • they are playing at home
  • basketball is a game of runs and after the halftime, the whole perspective can change a lot and a 14 points margin could be erased in a couple of minutes

It is exactly what happened. Casademont Zaragoza came strong and reduced the deficit at 10 points at the start of the 4th quarter. And then, with a dramatic effort, the home team won as well the last stanza with 31-14 and steal the win in the last minute of the encounter.

Don’t stay and watch the game helpless! Bet and sacrifice some money only to be sure that if the tables turn around, you can have a win-win situation. You have bet 1000 euros initially on Manresa at the odd 4.60 and then 1000 at live, on Zaragoza at the odd 3.80. Perfect, you just did 3800 euros investing only 2000!


Gratian Cormos