Can the underdogs surprise Barça and Real in the Spanish Cup?

Today, Copa del Rey will start in Badalona. It is the most balanced Spanish cup in the last decade and all the battles are very tied.

The first day will oppose Real Madrid to Valencia Basket and Fc Barcelona to Unicaja Malaga. Of course, Barca and Real are considered the favourites but in a one-game clash, could the underdogs eliminate them?

Valencia is also a Euroleague powerhouse proving this season they can beat any team. They stole a narrow win from Fc Barcelona and they lost by a decent margin with Real Madrid. The only problem is the injuries. James Webb III is doubtful before this encounter, while Xavi Lopez Arostegui is recovering from illness. Still, Valencia Basket has a competitive roster and they could beat Real Madrid on a good day.

On the other side looks like Barca should have a more comfortable game against Unicaja because Augusto Lima is long-term injured and his replacement, the big man Yankuba Sima will be also out with an injury. The Catalan squad has all their players available and they are in the best shape.

Only a miracle can save Unicaja from the loss. They are a good team, the main favourite in the Basketball Champions League, but this season they looked weak in true derbies in Spain. Their only important win in the domestic league was against Valencia Basket, but they lost all their tough games against Real Madrid, Barca, Baskonia and Tenerife.

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: EuroLeague