CSKA keeping almost the entire roster for the next season

CSKA Moscow is between the teams affected by the economic crisis. They reduced the budget but they are still a great club, being a candidate to enter the next Final 4. The Russian has the most presences from 2000 till now in the last stage of the Euroleague and without a doubt, their roster is still amazing, because they succeed to keep almost all their players.

The Red Army has parted ways with Andrey Vorontsevich after 14 seasons with the club, offering him such low money that the power forward decided to search for other offers. Another loss is Kyle Hines, 4 times Euroleague winner with Olympiacos and CSKA. Last but not least, Howard Sant-Roos has left for the Greek side, PAO. There are 3 good players, but not decisive ones for a big club that brought in two of the strongest big men of Europe: Nikola Milutinov and Tornike Shengelia.

Personally I consider these 2 new acquisitions far better in the paint than the departed Vorontsevich and Hines, who had a mediocre season. Milutinov and Shegelia are at the moment at their peak of basketball maturity and they are coming with enthusiasm to achieve titles. Actually, during the break,  CSKA strengthened their roster, while they have kept all the key players on each position like Mike James, Daniel Hackett, Janis Strelnieks, Darrun Hilliard, Will Clyburn, Nikita Kurbanov, Joel Bolomboy, Semen Antonov and Johannes Voigtmann.

In this COVID-era, to maintain almost the entire roster is amazing. Only 4 teams from the entire competition were able to do so: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Anadolu Efes and CSKA Moscow. This is an important feature because true basketball achievement relies on group cohesion that builds chemistry. Renewing the contracts for the whole team makes CSKA again one of the most dangerous squads on the court, with a real chance to take the trophy.

Image: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos