Euroleague has no democratic criteria for the access

Recently, the Players associations from Spain and Greece condemned EuroLeague new access criteria. ULEB joined them and strongly opposed to the future system of handing wildcards in a random way. The conflict seems to have no solution and I will try to explain why.

Euroleague is growing like a capitalist industry of making money and they don’t care about anything else. They are just taking care of the bills: if they will be bigger next seasons, it’s perfect! The access in the Euroleague is destined just for the rich clubs who can guarantee financial stability for the years to come. Other criteria as sportive results in the domestic league it won’t matter for being included at least for a season in this RichLeague.

Now, the owners of the Euroleague have just made the next step which is “normal” for the corporate business: the power to become more arrogant, more arbitrary and more dictatorial. The Euroleague made the process of access in the competition even more confusing than it was in the last seasons. For the next years, the clubs will be accepted with a wild card given randomly by the Euroleague.

Let’s compare this arbitrary system of spots allocation with an exam to be admitted to the university. Let’s say you have 24 students having a hard test in the Eurocup to enter in the Euroleague and on the other hand, you have 3 other students (I mean friend clubs of the Euroleague) that will pass the exam for free, no matter what. Which credibility can have a measure like this? Could you trust an institution which is not able to provide democratic and reasonable criteria of equal access to compete?

This system of handing wildcards for the friend clubs in a random way is the triumph of the corporate business over any type of sportive and democratic values. The players and the clubs have to fight against this corrupt way who is ruining any idea of competition, showing the greedy face of this new dictatorship.

Gratian Cormos